Selsby Solutions Licenced Customs Broker; Import and Export Freight; Transport and Warehousing
Customs Clearance

Selsby Solutions are licensed by the Australian Customs Service as Customs Brokers. With over 25 years experience this allows us to act on your behalf on all matters relating to importing and exporting. These services include:

- Customs duties
- Import GST
- Tariff concessions
- Bylaws
- Export drawback scheme.
- Customs penalties and seizures
- Carnets

Selsby Solutions are accredited by the Australian Quarantine and Inspection Service - because Quarantine Matters!

Selsby Solutions are a member of the Australian Customs Service Frontline program. This program brings the Import community and government entities together to stop the importation of prohibited goods

Selsby Solutions is also a member of the Customs Broker and Forwarders Council of Australia